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Why You Need a Maternity Photographer to Document Your Pregnancy!

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Maternity photography is quickly becoming an essential part of the pregnancy experience for many expectant mothers. There are a variety of reasons for this, but it mostly has to do with how much your body changes during this time and how fast those changes happen & how beautiful it is. It’s not uncommon to gain 25 pounds or more in the first trimester alone, after all. That’s why so many women are choosing to hire professionals to capture their maternity photos. If you’re currently pregnant, you might be thinking about how to document your pregnancy journey as it unfolds. After all, these months won’t last forever, and one day you may wish that you had done something differently. But what exactly does hiring a maternity photographer involve? Here are some great reasons why you should book one today:

Black & white photos of an expecting mother to be wearing a black dress laying down holding her growing belly.

You’ll Be Able to Look Back on These Moments

One of the best reasons to hire a maternity photographer is the images you’ll be able to look back on in years to come. Many people hire maternity photographers in order to create a photo shoot they can use to create a keepsake they can share with their child at a later date. A maternity photo shoot is a great way to document your pregnancy and create a beautiful keepsake that can be enjoyed for years to come. There are many ways that you can use your maternity photos. You may wish to put them in an album or display them on your walls. You might also choose to create a baby’s 1st year photo book and include your favorite photos as well as inspirational quotes and memories from your pregnancy.

Expecting mother to be wearing a boho dress with her husband holding hands walking in a park at sunset.

There Will Be No Way to Retake Certain Shots

As your body changes during pregnancy, there will be certain angles and poses in which you simply cannot make appear again. This doesn’t mean that you are not attractive, but the reality is that the way your body is changing will not allow you to recreate some of these shots. This is especially true if you’re only planning to document your pregnancy with photos, but don’t plan to hire a professional photographer. You may have heard about the “maternity glow”, which describes the beautiful rosy glow that can happen as a result of pregnancy hormones.

Expecting mother to be wearing a pink maternity dressing standing by purple flowers in an NJ park.

Your Body Will Change Dramatically and Fast

As you may have already noticed, your body goes through massive transformations during pregnancy. It’s not uncommon for your tummy to grow so big that you can no longer see your feet when you look down. It’s also not uncommon for your back to hurt and for you to be extremely uncomfortable. In fact, many women experience back pain during pregnancy that is so bad they need to visit their doctor to help ease the pain. You might also notice that your feet and hands swell up or that your joints or muscles start to ache. All of these are normal side effects of pregnancy and don’t indicate that anything is wrong. For me personally I loved being pregnant & documenting my pregnancy at various stages and adore the final images for each of my pregnancies.

Mother to be holding her belly in a blue & pink floral dressing standing on a dock at sunset.

You Can Still Have Professional Photos Even If You Don’t Like How You Look During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not something that you can control, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t feel beautiful at all. Once again, some women will experience the “maternity glow” and find that they are more attractive than ever before during pregnancy. Other women will not. It’s important to remember that pregnancy is not a competition and that there is no right or wrong way to handle it. You can still have a maternity session and hire a professional photographer even if you don’t like how you look. They will know how to capture your best side and create beautiful photos that you can love. Plus, you never know how quickly your body will change during pregnancy & amazing it looks. 

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A Maternity Photo Shoot Can Help Encourage You During Pregnancy

It’s an ego boost! A professional photographer will make your final images look amazing! Many women find that pregnancy is a time of great anxiety and emotional stress. You may be worried about the health of your child, the changes in your body, or any number of other things. You may even be concerned about your ability to be a good parent or feel like you don’t have the support system that you need. Finding a photographer to create beautiful maternity photos can help you to reduce your stress and anxiety. It can also help you to feel more empowered and confident as you go through this challenging time. If you find that you’re feeling overwhelmed and need something to look forward to, booking a maternity shoot may be just what you need.

There are many reasons why you should consider hiring a maternity photographer. 

During your pregnancy, your body will change in ways that you may not like but are beautiful moments none the less. It’s natural to feel self-conscious during this time and you may not feel like you look your best. A maternity photo shoot can help you to feel more confident and beautiful even if you don’t like your current appearance. Pregnant women are some of the most beautiful people in the world, and there is no reason for them to feel less than confident or beautiful. You should hire a maternity photographer so that you can document your pregnancy journey and create a keepsake that you can enjoy for years to come for not only yourself but for the child you’re carrying.

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